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“Don’t Forget To Smell The Roses”. By Dr. Paul Susic

We hustle here and we hustle there. Rushing through our lives as if tomorrow is forever. There is no guarantee of tomorrow, or even today. So stop, today, and “smell the roses”.
The late Beatle John Lennon once said “Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans”. So profound and true. How often unfortunately, do our future plans seem to require the procrastination of today’s important pleasures and happiness?

We so easily become possessed by our daily cares, it’s almost as if that is all that matters. Life’s demands and difficulties so quickly monopolize our entire lives that we subordinate precious friendships and family relationships to some future destination that magically holds abundant time and energy for all of our deferred opportunities to live and to love.
As I get older and live more of life, I realize there is no magical tomorrow, there’s only today. Troubles will come and troubles will go, as surely as the sun and the moon continue in their celestial orbit through the millennia of time.
Even the “larger-than-life” difficulties which seem to consume us and eat away far too many precious days of our lives, in retrospection never were really larger than we were. We will make it because we always have.
At this very special time of year don’t forget to be thankful for such a wonderful opportunity to live, to love and to grow as we wander through the miraculous odyssey of our lives. Tomorrow was never forever, so, “don’t forget to smell the roses”.
By Paul Susic Ph.D. Licensed Psychologist
Posted November 22, 2017

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