Anti Aging: The Key Is Prevention Page #2

Anti Aging: The Key Is Prevention Page #2

Anti aging recommendations continued:

In addition to the anti aging recommendations that have already been discussed on the previous page you should also consider the following:

Do not smoke or quit immediately:

One the greatest things that you can do to enhance the anti aging effects of your lifestyle is to quit smoking. An individual who smokes a pack a day is four times more likely to develop congestive heart failure than an individual who does not smoke. Those who smoked half a pack a day are twice as likely to develop the same condition. Obviously, smokers also have a significantly increased risk of lung cancer.

You should always know it is never too late to quit smoking. After five years of not smoking, exsmokers have about the same risk of developing coronary heart disease as someone who has never smoked, regardless of their rage, the number of cigarettes they smoked daily, and the amount of years spent smoking. It is believed that lung cancer risk returns to normal after about 15 years. Smoking cessation also decreases the risk of stroke, other cancers besides lung cancer, chronic bronchitis and emphysema. It is also known to improve circulation as well as the cosmetic appearance of the skin.

Anti aging effects of avoiding excessive alcohol consumption:

Some and anti aging experts suggest that it is acceptable to drink one glass of wine or spirits daily in that it may provide some cardiovascular benefit. If you do not drink, you should not start however. The premature aging effects and drawbacks of excessive consumption such as possible addiction, liver disease, and even cancer are much too significant and unpredictable to start drinking if you are not currently doing so. Also, aging experts believe that alcohol metabolism slows as we age, making the effects of alcohol much more pronounced in older adults than in younger individuals.

Anti aging effects of excessive sun exposure:

It is believed that as you age, your skin and eyes are much more vulnerable to sun damage because the protective pigment diminishes over time, resulting in a greater penetration of harmful rays. Although it is believed that a small amount of sunlight is needed to produce vitamin D, too much exposure to the sun increases the risk of skin cancer. In addition, the sun can cause significant cosmetic damage to the skin. Most wrinkles, discoloration, and texture changes are directly related to sunlight.

Reducing stress:

Contemporary research continues to find that stress and anxiety impair the immune system and increase your body’s susceptibility to illness. Some of the ways that you may cope with stress are exercise, meditation and yoga. You should find a technique or a combination of techniques you prefer, and make it a point of allowing time on a regular basis to practice them. Research also continues to find that positive social interactions, including sexual activity for those who desire it, lower the level of stress hormones in the blood, help preserve cognitive functioning and also may prevent depression.

The anti aging effect of challenging the mind:

Studies have found that over time, short-term memory and reaction time decline and that it takes a longer period of time for new information to be integrated into your memory functioning. It’s still possible however to learn new skills, and maintain old ones. It is believed that there is significant anti aging benefits enjoyed by doing three activities that seem to predict strong continued mental functioning: regular physical exercise, strong social support, and a continuing belief in your abilities.

Some Information from The Johns Hopkins Medical Guide to Health After 50

Additional Information and webpage by Paul Susic Ph.D Licensed Psychologist

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