You Can Fight Aging Now!

You Can Fight Aging Now!

How can you fight aging?

You’re really fortune to live at a period of time when you can fight aging. The field of anti-aging medicine has become an increasingly well researched area of medicine, with healthcare practitioners becoming incredibly excited about research and development in this specialty. Doctors are now helping people take huge take steps to maximize the quality of life for their senior years. Research in the field of anti-aging medicine has identified three main concepts to help you to fight aging now:
(1) Prevention: Prevention includes taking steps to help prevent the development of illness and disease associated with getting older. One of the main elements of prevention is proper nutrition.

(2) Integration: Integration involves combining the best of both worlds including conventional and alternative-complimentary medicine to achieve the anti-aging goals to help you to fight aging.

(3) Holism: The concept of holism involves treating people’s physical, mental and spiritual aspects in order to ensure that the many parts work together in an integrated whole. For example, the anti-aging approach to arthritis of the hip would look at all of the factors that have an impact on arthritis such as exercise level, diet, social needs, emotional health, supplementation and pharmaceuticals, as well as stress management.

One of the first and most important considerations to assist you to fight aging now, is to eat for longevity. Several times a day you have a chance to fight aging with food. Your
food choices are one of the most important ways you can impact upon your health and ultimately how your body ages. It’s vitally important that you understand the basics behind what makes certain foods healthy and helpful partners in the fight against aging. We say partners because some foods are important on a nutritional level, but also work hand-in-hand with many other factors to help delay or ward off aging such as exercise, stress management, and supplementation for hormonal balancing. The relationship between the right food choices and other factors that impact upon aging is incredibly important and can never be underestimated.

One of the first things that you can do to be for longevity and fight aging is to be smart about sugar.

Additional Information and webpage by Paul Susic MA Licensed Psychologist Ph.D. Candidate

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