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Senior Real Estate Specialists; Seniors Enter The Housing Market

Senior Real Estate Specialists, or SRES for short, are realtors who have received specialized training in order to better serve clients who are senior citizens. To receive this designation one must learn about some of the legal and tax aspects that are involved when a senior is buying or selling a home, as well as the emotional ramifications of moving later on in life. Senior Real Estate Specialists can guide seniors through the process of selling their home, finding a new house that will meet their needs, and can empathize with the emotions involved with the entire process. Like any subject from a doctor or a repairman, a specialist is better able to help you and your loved one makes the transition from the beloved family home to one that is more fitting for their current needs.
While selling a home can be stressful for people of any age, it is a particularly difficult experience for older sellers. They may have lived in the neighborhood for many years, and raised their family in the home. There are many years of memories to pack up and leave behind, which can lead to a great deal of sadness and anxiety about the future. As with our current economy, confidence and having a clear sense of direction makes for a better outcome.
In addition to saying goodbye to the past, seniors must think about the future as they look at potential new homes. Do they plan to move again, or is this where they plan to spend their remaining years? If this is their final move, then the house needs to accommodate any physical limitations that the person may incur later on, such as relying on a walker or a wheelchair to get around. It is helpful to consider the family tree for which maladies maybe in the lineage, in making this choice. The doorways and hallways need to be wide enough to accommodate mobility devices, and the house itself should ideally be one level. As our bones and muscles begin to weaken, some may find stairs to be difficult, and even dangerous. Another concern is yard size. Seniors need to keep in mind that while they can currently tend to a large garden, and mow the lawn, they will not always be able to be so active. They need a property that will be manageable in size as they get older. For some, the resources of a gardener can be a burden as well as worrying about all the lovely plants that once adorned the yard.
Senior Real Estate Specialists also have experience dealing with the financial issues that may come up for seniors, including reverse mortgages, estate taxes, trusts and more. These agents can assist seniors with the paperwork and contractual issues that may not have existed the last time the senior was in the real estate market. All of these items in addition to selling and moving can be overwhelming, especially if the person is moving to a new area. Having an SRES by your side can be immensely helpful. As a Santa Cruz SRES, helping bridge the transition with an adult child and a parent allowing their “kids” to help is a touching and rewarding experience.
Senior specialists also know that not all seniors are the same. Baby boomers have different priorities than older seniors, and even then, everyone has individual requirements. These realtors are trained to respect each seller as an individual, and not to make assumptions about their needs. Call one today and start working on your plans for change.
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