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Neuropsychology And Psychological Testing Services, St. Louis, Missouri

Neuropsychology and Psychological Testing Services in St. Louis, Missouri metropolitan area.

Senior Care Psychological Conulting

What type of testing services are available with Senior Care Psychological Consulting?

Senior Care now provides various psychological testing services such as neuropsychological and intelligence testing for memory and functional ability and personality testing for more appropriate treatment of psychological and personality disorders.

Is this a community-based testing program?

Yes, it is. These services are being provided in homes, nursing homes and long-term care facilities as well as several office locations throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan area.

Are these testing services paid for by Medicare and Medicaid?

Yes, they are. Both Medicaid and Medicare will reimburse for psychological and neuropsychological testing as long as it is medically necessary.

What are the main advantages of a community based program for neuropsychological and psychological testing?

Many seniors and others with disability have a very difficult time with transportation to doctor’s offices and other appointments. Senior care provides services in the home, nursing home, senior apartments or any place an individual may reside. Services are also provided in office based practices throughout the St. Louis Metropolitan area by Licensed Clinical Psychologists.

What is so special about Senior Care Psychological providing this testing?

Senior Care is a specialty geriatric and health psychology practice that has been providing services to seniors and individuals with chronic medical and mental-health disability for almost two decades. We have developed expertise in accommodating to and understanding the context of the special functional and sensory needs over a period of many years. We have a very collaborative approach in working and providing valuable information and services to individuals, families, long-term care facilities, psychiatrists and other physicians as well as other health-care workers involved in providing assistance in enhancing the functionality and quality of life to community seniors and individuals with chronic medical and mental health disability. Our emphasis is always on maintaining the highest level of possible effective functioning and independence within the lease restrictive environment possible.

What types of problems may be assisted by psychological or neuropsychological testing?

Individuals experiencing memory problems, depression, anxiety, personality disorders and disability concerns to name just a few.

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