A Simple Anti Aging Skin Care Guide – 3 Easy Steps

A Simple Anti Aging Skin Care Guide – 3 Easy Steps

With the term anti aging, whether coined by a marketing executive or a doctor, the word ‘anti’ literally translates to “combating or defending against.” This term is overly used in the skin care industry because, well, it sells.

The thing is skin will age. And nothing can prevent it from doing so. The more realistic approach might be: What to do to keep a more youthful complexion for a longer period of time?

As grandmother surely stated more than once, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.’ In other words, don’t add to the problem. In assessing prevention, a simple anti aging skin care guide would be a smart place to begin. Let’s start with three easy steps:

1) Sleep & Stress – Getting lots of the first and minimizing the second. If you’ve ever spent a few days with less than a full nights sleep, you know how bad it reflects upon your skin. Sleep is the repair time for the skin so give it priority. Sleep needs vary but typically 7-8 hours a night…and as many before twelve midnight as possible; doing so will give the skin a well-rested, refreshed look. Stress, too, shows up on the skin. Could be with breakouts, or tension lines; it’s when people say to you, “Oh, you look tired.” What they really mean is: you don’t look so good. Do whatever it takes to relieve stress several times a day: walks with the dog, breathing exercises, yoga, just do something that requires your focus on something other than that which produces the stress. And if possible…get rid of that which causes the stress in the first place!

2) Healthy Diet & Healthy Products 
– What we eat is probably the most important aspect of prevention in this anti aging skin care guide. You know the drill: whole grains, green leafy vegetables, fruits. Drinking clean, pure water. Our bodies respond favorably to a healthier diet and the skin radiates too from the nourishment it receives. Vitamin supplements and skin care products are part of the process but we want to make certain that the ingredients within these are as pure and beneficial to our overall health. Keeping away from overly processed foods is important with diet; it is just as important with supplements and topical products to help the skin retain a supple and vibrant glow.

3) Smile! – You don’t think this gives a more youthful look? Go stand in front of the mirror. Look at yourself with a relaxed, no smile face. Give it a minute. Then turn a full circle and come back in front of the mirror with a big smile. See the difference? It’s like magic. The eyes reflect a little more sparkle. The face lifts in the process. Take a few moments throughout your day to quietly reflect on a memory that brings a smile to your heart and face. Others will notice, too. And to keep that smile looking good, continue to care for the teeth with flossing, brushing and regular visits to the dentist.

Granted, one could elect for an anti aging skin care treatment that might provide quick results with temporary removal of wrinkles (injections), or more permanent restructuring (surgery), however, these options are not for everyone. If the more natural route appeals to you, keep this anti aging skin care guide as a reminder to how simple maintaining good health and youthful skin can be.

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Heather Fields is a proponent of companies and organizations diligently working to educate consumers regarding product ingredients. Discover a company manufacturing (and performing the research) for safe, effective, natural skin care products.

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