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Disability Services In St. Louis, Missouri 2017 Update Page #5

Disability Services in St. Louis Missouri

Disability services in St. Louis, Missouri help people with physical and mental impairments deal with a wide range of issues that bring difficulty into their lives. Disability services in St. Louis, Missouri are available to provide resources to help with all of the time-consuming and technical concerns that many individuals with disabilities have. The following organizations provide assistance in a wide range of resources and disability services in St. Louis Missouri:

Disability services in St. Louis, Missouri:

Rehabilitation Services for the Blind, St. Louis
South, MO Dept. of Social Services
Phone: 314-877-0151 Fax: 314-877-0168
2 Campbell Plaza, Floor 3-B, St. Louis, MO 63139
Website: /
Counties Served: Franklin, Jefferson, St. Louis, St. Louis City
Description: Our mission is to create opportunities for
eligible blind and visually impaired persons in order that they
may attain personal and vocational success. Rehabilitation
Services for the Blind (RSB) provides services to people with
varying degrees of visual impairment, ranging from those who
cannot read regular print to those who are totally blind.

St. Louis Society for the Blind &
Visually Impaired

Phone: 314-968-9000 Fax: 314-968-9003
8770 Manchester Rd., St. Louis, MO 63144
Email: Website:
Counties Served: St. Charles, St. Louis, St. Louis City
Description: Provides a full range of vision rehabilitation
services including a Low Vision Clinic, counseling & group
support training in independent living skills, independent
travel skills and use of low vision aids.

Support Dogs, Inc.
Phone: 314-997-2325
11645 Lilburn Park Rd., St. Louis, MO 63146
Email: Website:
Counties Served: Franklin, Jefferson, St. Charles, St. Louis,
St. Louis City, Bond, Clinton, Madison, Monroe, Randolph,
St. Clair, Washington
Description: Provides service dogs to individuals who need
help with mobility related tasks, as well as signal dogs to those
who are deaf or hearing impaired. Support Dogs, Inc. provides
services to ages six and above.

Visiting Angels of St. Louis – South
Phone: 314-842-5589 Fax: 314-842-5579
9962 Lin Ferry Drive, Suite #100, St. Louis, MO 63123
Counties Served: Jefferson, St. Louis, St. Louis City
Description: Visiting Angels is comitted to helping the elderly
to stay in their own homes.

Washington University In-Home
Occupational Therapy Program

Phone: 314-362-5079 Fax: 314-286-1601
4444 Forest Park Avenue, Campus Box 8505,
St. Louis, MO 63108
Counties Served:
Description: Skilled occupational therapists come to your
home. We work with you to make the changes needed to
maximize your independence and safety at home. We are
covered under Medicare B, private insurance and private pay.
Call today for more information.

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