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Welcome to Senior Care Psychological Consulting

Welcome to, the new website for Susic/Senior Care Psychological Consulting located in St. Charles, Missouri. The goal of is to provide information specific to the specialty geriatric practice of Senior Care Psychological Consulting as well as information to assist you in many of your concerns and questions related to mental health services for the elderly and individuals with chronic disability. We seek to be a cutting-edge resource to keep you up-to-date on the continuing science of mental health, psychiatric medications and disability concerns.

Senior Care Psychological News

Alzheimer’s Diagnosis: How do you know for sure?

Mar. 28, 2017

Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Overview:

Currently there are no definitive tests to determine an Alzheimer’s diagnosis, except for an autopsy which may be performed after death. Instead, the current approach for establishing an Alzheimer’s…

How can I cope better with anger?

Mar. 26, 2017

Coping With Anger Overview:

Coping with anger appropriately is something we all have to learn to do. It may be manifested in various ways, resulting in anything from minor annoyance to a…

Are there alcohol induced anxiety, sleep and sexual disorders?

Feb. 27, 2017

What is alcohol induced anxiety disorder?

Most people realize that alcohol may lower anxiety at low doses, but do not realize that heavy alcohol consumption may induce prominent anxiety symptoms. Alcohol induced…

Effexor Dosage and Use: What is it for?

Feb. 25, 2017

Effexor: Why is it prescribed?

Effexor is usually prescribed for the treatment of depression. This antidepressant is most frequently prescribed for the type of depression that interferes with an individual’s daily functioning….