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Dr. Paul Susic Licensed Psychologist

One of the greatest desires I have as a psychologist and fellow human being is to be able to help you find your path in life. Your own unique path to happiness, prosperity and peace.

I want you to know that my view of life with its many twists and turns, the pleasures, the difficulties, the growth and sometimes decline, can also be the source of great pleasure and happiness or at times, excruciating sorrow and pain. Fortunately, the vicissitudes of life can be navigated with a great sense of purpose, fulfillment and satisfaction.

My views are nothing more or nothing less than my views. We all have a life history of experience that we can call upon as we travel down the road of life. Thankfully, it becomes a road we choose. While we do not always have the opportunity to choose our specific circumstances in the short-term, we do choose our responses, our focus, and ultimately the long-term trajectory. While we may be totally unique in our choices, reactions and ultimately our life experience, we have many more similarities than differences. All of our prior experiences and the related thoughts become the formulation of our beliefs that drive us forward through times of pleasure and pain and at times, both.

There is no greater teacher and no more rigorous curriculum than life. The last 25 years as a mental health clinician and psychologist have taught me more than I would ever have believed possible. However, that knowledge will always pale in comparison to what I have learned in the last couple of decades as a father and husband, my lifetime as a brother, a son, a cousin or a friend.

If you’re looking for a politically correct view of life or the world, you will not find it here. Rather than subjecting yourself to the disappointment, anger, or frustrated emotional experience you may have in reaction to my perspective, please move on to whatever view resonates with or reinforces your own perspective or feelings. My purpose is not to debate whether I am right or wrong or you are mistaken in your beliefs or view of the world, but an attempt to share my lifetime of experience and hopefully a few lessons I have learned along the way.

Cheers, Dr. Paul

Dr. Paul Susic’s View of Life, Health and Happiness:

“Don’t forget to smell the roses”. By Dr. Paul Susic

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